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5 cannabis cakes to elevate your event

Cannabis is more popular and widely accepted than ever before! An alternative to alcohol for a fun time, cannabis can be infused into a number of foods and drinks. Planning an event? Whether it's for your wedding or your best friend's birthday, incorporating mary jane is sure to be a party pleaser. Check out these 5 stunning cakes for inspiration for your next get together.

1. sweet & simple

This sweet & simple cake is actually the cake from our wedding! My husband and I have been cannabis consumers since high school. We knew it had to be incorporated into our wedding - and of course, our cake! This carrot cake with cream cheese frosting was made by Cakes So Simple. We opted for a small cake for ourselves and a dessert bar for everyone (and still us because I can never just have one thing).

2. flower-focused

I have THE most talented friends! @asiataber is a creative genius who is always blowing me away with the art that she produces. This cake is no exception! Adorned with perfectly cured cannabis "tops", this piece is a show stopper. Check out her page for more jaw-dropping cannabis creations!

3. letter cake

Letter and number cakes have been so popular! Surprise your friend/spouse/etc with a customized cake, including - extra special - toppings. I love the little cannabis macaroons used in this one! This particular cake was made by @cakesbysahara.

4. birthday cake

For real, who DOESN'T want a cannabis cake for their birthday?! Take the normal birthday celebrations up a notch with this stoney treat. I love the big pink roses on this cake made by @thesilvawhisk. The pink colors and sparkly cannabis leaves combine girly and weedy for the ultimate dessert.

5. coffee cannabis cake

My dreams have come TRUE! Not only are we putting cake and cannabis together - the dynamic duo - we've added COFFEE to the mix. You want it to get even better? There's some Bailey's in there too. This cake is not for the faint of heart. You can learn how to make it yourself here.

I hope you enjoyed exploring these delicious cannabis cakes and found inspiration for your next event!


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