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every body is a good body

What if you body is the least interesting thing about you? WHAT IF there's a million more important things going on in our lives besides what we look like? Here's some alternatives if you aren't feeling a "hot girl summer":

Healthy Girl Summer

Healing Girl Summer

Fed Girl Summer

Pasta and Wine Girl Summer

Happy Girl Summer

Nurturing Girl Summer

Authentic Girl Summer

This is a mindset I have to work towards every day. It isn't easy, and it requires changing basically everything about your daily habits and thought process. This includes being conscious of the media and brands we consume. Are they supportive of all people? Of all shapes and sizes? Or are they subconsciously contributing to the negative thoughts about the way you look? The more you look, the more you'll find that the signs are everywhere.

Eossi Beauty was founded by two women who are advocates for ALL people, of every size, color, and gender. They built this brand as a platform to let our inner beauty GLOW. Speaking of glowing, Eossi just expanded their line with a NEW product - Athena Brightening Body Oil. It is beyond luxurious, with a blend of Grapeseed, Jojoba, Argan, Rosehip, Vitamin E, and CBD oils for lasting moisture no matter the season. Body oil is a must for me - lotions just don't provide that deep, long-lasting moisture that my skin needs. I've seen a HUGE difference since switching from lotions to oils (this counts for both my face and my body).


  • Eossi Beauty products are NOT sunscreen! Still use sunscreen in your daily routine.

  • Rushing out the door? Dab some Athena Oil on your lips for instant moisture and a dewy look.

  • The best time to apply body oil is fresh out of the shower.

  • Use Eossi to keep your tattoos vibrant.

We went to the beach during a recent California trip and the Athena Oil was a life saver! Not only did it keep us glistening while out on the sand, but once the sun set and we had some fresh showers, it soothed our sun-soaked skin. If you skimmed over the "tips" section, go back because those tips are IMPORTANT! Especially the sunscreen one. Eossi products are not sunscreen nor are they a replacement for sunscreen. Remember to still include sunscreen in your daily routine!

My Cali trip revolved around spending time with my Irie ladies. We needed to see Maddie out in California and just wanted some sunny beach days! All three of us have tattoos and sensitive skin, all of us used Eossi Oil, and no one had any reactions! Talk about setting the bar high. We're all big fans, try it for yourself and become a body oil lover too!


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