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mango con chile sorbet

Sometimes, you want something sweet but not overly sugary. Not chocolate, something bright and refreshing! When I discovered Neveria la Mexicana (located in Denver, Colorado) I knew I was in the right place. Freshly made agua frescas and pure fruit sorbets have been making my tastebuds oh so happy. Their mango con chile sorbet it out of this world and is made without fillers or preservatives. If you don't live in Denver/don't have access to this amazing place, don't worry! You can substitute any fresh mango sorbet to provide the flavor you're looking for. You can even make it yourself with some mangoes and a food processor.

Sorbet is fabulous and all, but we need to elevate it! Changing the way you prepare your food can help keep you from getting tired of it. Adding things like Mango & Chile Lime Fruit Notes, Tajín and lime changes this sorbet into an exciting treat!

This refreshing dessert was made as a part of our recent fall cook-out. To get all the recipes from this fun fall meal - complete with a fall s'mores station - click HERE.

Coda Signature's Mango & Chile Lime Fruit Notes have an amazing texture and once they get cold with the sorbet it becomes indescribably awesome! Extra juicy? Check. Bursts of flavor? Double check. Layers of texture between the cold Fruit Notes and the sorbet? TRIPLE check!

The Tajín and lime are CRUCIAL to elevating the flavors of the mango. A little sweet + heat really takes this simple sorbet to the next level. If you're like me you know a squeeze of lime can make ALL the difference.

Please note that Mango & Chile Lime Fruit Notes contain cannabis and are only available in select states. Refer to your state's guidelines and abide by all purchasing laws and limits. If you are unfamiliar with your tolerance, remember to go LOW and SLOW! If this product is not available to you, the non-infused recipe is still delicious!


  • Mango Sorbet or Mango con Chile sorbet if you can find it (if you're in Denver we got fresh-made mango con chile sorbet from Neveria La Mexicana)

  • Coda Signature Mango & Chile Lime Fruit Notes

  • Tajín

  • Lime, cut into wedges (or slices)

how to:

Put some Coda Signature Mango & Chile Lime Fruit Notes into ramekins.

With an ice cream scoop, scoop the sorbet into the ramekins, covering the Fruit Notes.

Put more Coda Signature Mango & Chile Lime Fruit Notes on/in sorbet if desired.

Top with Tajín and lime wedge. Keep on ice or serve immediately.

Photography by Souly Samantha Photo

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