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lavender lemon rosé cbd cocktail

This simple champagne cocktail is perfectly light and balanced without being too sweet.

What makes this drink so easy to make? Answer: Backyard Soda Lavender Lemon CBD Simple Syrup. Backyard Soda Co is a Colorado company that makes delicious CBD-infused sodas and simple syrups. They only use fresh, local and organic ingredients - like the whole Colorado lavender flowers in the syrup we're using for this cocktail! If I didn't have this simple syrup, I'd have to go get dried lavender, lemon zest and sugar, put them all in a pot with water, boil, constantly stir, strain, then wait for it to cool for an hour before using it! I'm sure I'll have to make custom syrups in the future, but for lavender lemon I'll stick with Backyard.



  • Mix juice from half a lemon with 2 oz of the cold syrup in a shaker

  • Add ice, shake and strain into a champagne coupe

  • Top with 6-8 oz. of sparkling rosé

  • Garnish with fresh lavender stem

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