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how to reach out to brands for paid partnerships

Interested in how to get your first paid brand deal? Maybe brands have contacted you for campaigns in the past but you've never reached out and aren't sure what to say. Or maybe you have a script you've been using, but it's not getting results and you want to refine your influencer pitch. I got you covered! Read on for easy-to-follow tips on how to secure paid brand deals even with a small following, plus access to my EXACT brand pitch scripts.

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pitching 101: start in the dm's

Use Instagram, Linked In and Twitter to find the best contact by sending them a DM. It is possible that the brand's marketing/brand partnerships information on their website, but it isn't common.

In the DMs:

  • Ask them how they are

  • Introduce yourself

  • Establish credibility

  • Express why you would be a great fit and ask who the best contact is for establishing a working partnership

The following DM script is just a preview of what you'll find in the 4-Figure Brand Pitch Scripts kit:

"Hello BLANK Team,

Hope you’re having a great Thursday! My name is Chelsi Katz. I’m the content developer, photographer and founder behind popular lifestyle & food blog FairyLife | An Elevated Lifestyle and personal brand TheCannaFairy.

I wanted to touch base about partnering in 2022. We are working on our editorial calendar and a partnership with you all would be a natural fit. BRAND NAME resonates well with my highly engaged audience of BLANK enthusiasts.

Instagram: @thecannafairy_

Pinterest: @livingthefairylife


If you’re interested in starting a working relationship, please provide me with the best email to send over times to hop on a call/continue conversations. You can also email me directly at EMAIL.

Looking forward to discussing potential opportunities!



next steps: craft the pitch email

You sent the DM and they responded with contact information - Whoop WHOOP! Now it's time to curate the perfect pitch email that will not only have them excited to work with you, but excited to pay you for your work.

While the exact email details will differ depending on the situation (and I have a pitch scripts kit that outlines every one), there's a basic structure you can always default to:

1. Who are you? What do you want?

  • Be clear and upfront about who you are and your purpose for reaching out

2. What makes you so special? What makes you qualified?

  • Show your credibility and why they should want to learn more about you and your work

  • Attach any relevant links/content with past work from similar brands

3. How do you connect to their brand and goals?

  • Clearly communicate how your services and audience relate to the brand's goals and priorities

  • Get specific! If this is a dream brand that you use on the daily or you have a specific campaign idea in mind, be sure to include those details

4. What is your clear ask and next steps?

  • State what you're looking for and include next steps to continue the conversation

  • Most deals aren't closed in one email or DM so don't get discouraged!

be prepared for anything

Now you have a game plan, an exact DM script and the outline for a reach-out pitch. You're more prepared now than when you started, but you've still only scratched the surface:

  • What if they don't respond?

  • What happens when the brand reaches out first?

  • How many times should you follow up?

  • What days and times should you email?

  • What if you just want ready-to-go scripts?


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