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how to plan date night

Is date night important? The short answer is YES. When it comes to how to plan date night for couples, it’s easy to fall into a routine.

Routines. They give us a sense of accomplishment by lowering our stress levels and allowing us to plan ahead! They help us establish healthy habits. They - can get REALLY BORING after a while.

Since Zack and I have been together for almost 10 years, we wanted to make sure our relationship didn't start to feel like another boring routine. We were so thrilled to discover The Adventure Challenge! This scratch-off adventure book is such a fun way to shake up date night (or day). You have no idea what your date is until you scratch it off! Once it's revealed, you have to complete it and capture the adventure with the included Lomography Signature Instant Camera.

This date had us laughing the whole time while enjoying beautiful waterfront views, and we're already excited for the next challenge.

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