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hot pepper peach infused honey

Delicious, infused honey that's as easy as pressing a button!

This recipe came from my love of sweet + heat, along with my love of juicy peaches! However, the true importance of what's needed for this recipe is what we're using to infuse the honey with - the LEVO II infuser. Y'all, I can't even tell you how excited I am to have this masterpiece in my kitchen! This bad boy can infuse ANYTHING into the liquid of your choice. Think oils, butters and honeys, but think outside the kitchen - bath bombs, candles, soap bars. The possibilities are truly endless, but today we're going to focus on the LEVO's food infusion capabilities.

No bigger than a coffee maker and twice as sleek, the LEVO II Infuser is the perfect addition to your kitchen gadget arsenal. As someone who cooks a lot, makes cocktails, and just loves infused products, this has made my life SO. MUCH. EASIER. It's truly as easy as set it and forget it! It has wifi and an app that helps you figure out your ideal time and temp based on what ingredients your using. So many products that I've had to pay top dollar for while still questioning the ingredients can now be made at home! All of recipes I make with the LEVO II will be tagged with "LEVO Recipe" so you can easily find everything in one place.

Let's get down to it! Here's the breakdown on everything you need to make hot pepper peach infused honey. IMPORTANT - read the tips section!


  • The more water-based your infusion is (like fruits), the shorter your final product will stay fresh for. For this particular recipe we infused the honey with peaches, peppers and orange peel BUT we poured some of the infused honey into a separate jar before adding more chopped peaches/peppers/orange peel. This way we can make the large portion of infused honey last for as long as possible!

  • When packing your LEVO Pod, make sure to leave enough room for the liquid to filter through and infuse. If you pack it too tight you won't get the maximum flavor.

  • You do not need to use the Dry or Activate cycles for this recipe, only the infuse.

  • Ran out for some errands and your LEVO finished infusing while you were gone? No worries! Simply start up the LEVO again for a few minutes to warm up your liquid before dispensing. It is very important that your product is warm before dispensing - it may not come out if it's cooled down.


  • honey - you can use any honey you have on hand

  • hot red pepper - we used fresno chili peppers

  • peaches

  • navel oranges - orange peel will be used


  1. Refer to the LEVO II instructions to ensure your unit is properly cleaned, turned on and connected.

  2. Chop up your peppers & peaches, peel your orange peel. Be careful to follow LEVO II instructions for filling the pod. You can infuse 5-19oz of liquid, your taste and heat preference are also a factor. We used 1 pepper and 1 peach to infuse approx 16oz of honey.

  3. Set your LEVO to Activate. Put in your time and temp settings: 75 minutes at 105°F.

  4. Hit start (or just enter your settings and start through the LEVO App). Once infusing is complete, put desired container under our spout and dispense while still warm.

Did you make this recipe? Post it on social media and tag #fairyliferecipes!


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