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citrus infused vinegar cleaning solution

VINEGAR - a wonderful natural cleaner that is non-toxic, safe for kids, and SMELLY. As much as I love using vinegar to clean with, it has a POTENT smell that's hard to cover. Luckily, I've discovered a way to tame that funk! By infusing vinegar with citrus, you're not only making it smell better, you also get to reuse your citrus scraps, making this all better for the environment.

Even before the pandemic, I had been trying to find the best alternatives to store-bought cleaners. Besides the fact that you waste plastic and pay for a bottle of mostly water, you’re spraying chemicals and artificial ingredients all over your home.

I did try a super popular eco-friendly cleaning company (Blueland). They put their ingredients into tabs which meant no more buying bottles of liquid, but it still didn’t provide me with the deep clean i was looking for. I had to keep searching!

Enter VINEGAR. It’s so easy to get and it’s cheap! I get a 2-pack of 1 gallon White Distilled Vinegar from Costco. You can use it in SO. MANY. WAYS. Prepping your vinegar is key, plus it saves your citrus scraps from being thrown away!

what you need:

• Distilled White Vinegar

• Citrus scraps (or whole citrus, I used one jar for scraps and one jar for a whole lemon)

• Glass Jars

• A dark place to store them in

how to:

It’s super simple! Place your citrus into the jar, then fill it up with the vinegar. Make sure the lids are on tight and store the jars in a dark, cool place for 2-4 weeks. The longer you let them sit, the more citrus-y the smell!


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