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christmas home decor 2020

In August of 2020, my husband and I bought out first home/investment property! We jumped right into renovating it and getting it ready to be rented. While we'll only be in this house for about a year or two, I still wanted to make it feel as "homey" to us as possible. As winter and the holidays came in, I knew this was the year to decorate! Without further ado, here's a tour of my holiday decorations this holiday 2020 season.

Saving money was at the top of the list! My number one tip for saving money on home decor is simple yet crazy effective - shop out of season! Stores tend to put out seasonal decor SUPER early, which also means that it all goes on sale while still in the middle of the season. You know how the Christmas decor comes out the DAY after Halloween? It goes on super sale by the time December comes around. You may not be the first one to put up your decorations but you WILL be the one who got them for the best price.

I didn't finish putting everything up until around mid-December! Between being extremely busy and looking for deals, that's when everything came together by. Most of the decor is from Jo-Ann's, Walmart and Bed Bath & Beyond.

We recently did the shiplap wall so I haven't gotten any wall decor for it yet. Even so, for being barely 3 months moved in I think I did a pretty good job making the house look full and decorated! Thanks so much for checking out my home decor tour, I can't wait to see what it looks like this time next year.


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