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black cherry iced tea

SUGAR HONEY ICED TEA! Actually, there's no added sugar - or honey for that matter - but there's a bunch of delicious ICED TEA! I absolutely love tea, hot or cold, so when Coda Signature wanted to explore new ways to use their Cherry & Sarsaparilla Fruit Notes my mind immediately went to using them as ice cubes for a fruity drink. Of course a fully planned backyard grill-out ensued! To get all the recipes from this fun fall meal - complete with a fall s'mores station - click HERE.

Please note that Cherry & Sarsaparilla Fruit Notes contain cannabis and are only available in select states. Refer to your state's guidelines and abide by all purchasing laws and limits. If you are unfamiliar with your tolerance, remember to go LOW and SLOW! If this product is not available to you, the non-infused recipe is still delicious!

While it's a simple combination of ingredients, it is oh so refreshing! The black cherry juice gives it that hint of sweetness without being too overbearing or sugary. The Fruit Notes are alllll the things I want in a food product - all natural, made from real fruit, gluten-free (which is necessary for me), and vegan! The closest way to describe them is like a gummy but the texture is SO much better. You can taste the fruit purée. Making them cold for the tea was a game changer!

Here's the quick and easy recipe on how to create this crowd-pleasing Black Cherry Iced Tea.


how to:

Combine all ingredients into your desired beverage server, leaving enough Coda Signature Cherry & Sarsaparilla Fruit Notes to use as ice cubes. During this time, put the extra Fruit Notes in the freezer to get them cold like ice cubes.

Take Coda Fruit Notes out of the freezer and place in glasses along with ice cubes. Set out the beverage dispenser and serve!

Photography by Souly Samantha Photo

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